Hot Beats Vol. 1 is GARBAGE!

Hot Beats Vol. 1 is GARBAGE!
Trap Music Baked Phresh
Lol just kidding!

Is it pop? Is it du-wop? NO! It’s TRAP MUSIC!

Releasing Hot Beats Vol. 1 was much more challenging than releasing a single track.

Giving it the “Album” label and all the connotations that come with that was an interesting experience.

My favorite part was printing the physical copies. Seeing that many discs in one place with all the art (including 2 page fold-out) was a dream since I was little.

I cut all the artwork with a paper cutter, then took apart the CD cases to put everything together. Add in all the personal meaning of each track and the time of my life that the album represents and you have a very special piece of art!

To me at least 😛 Sentimental value I guess.

Anyway I’m definitely proud of everything, but I can say that I hope the next projects I release are even better!

What’s coming after Hot Beats Vol. 1?

More trap music…..

lolol no but really hopefully I can find a few people who enjoy what I’ve released so far and continue to release stuff they enjoy.

I recently had a lot of fun editing some video I shot with a drone, so more videos will come to YouTube.

I would be interested in collaborating with the right people.

I’m also going to be enrolled in college soon, but I hope to keep the content coming as much as possible.

I want to entertain people and give them something positive to occupy their mind with for a time.

Where is the best place to follow Baked Phresh?


Will be available for free download.

It will be on Bandcamp and Sound Cloud, and if that doesn’t work shoot me an email and I will email you the files directly.

Even if I “blow up” I’ll continue this policy because what’s the point? If someone wants it bad enough they will download it anyway.

I would rather them have easy access to the high quality file to hear the track as I intended them to hear it.

I would rather them be able to spend that money and have something cool, like an experience at a show or a T-shirt, or a physical piece of art that commemorates something.

If you want to support me and help me make even cooler stuff to entertain you, feel free to stream me on Spotify, purchase the album from iTunes, or buy a physical copy.

Social Media

I’m trying to learn how to be better at marketing my self and keeping up with that.

I post the most on Twitter, and that’s where you can kinda see my in the moment random thoughts. I use that as my most real time platform I guess. I’ll probably go live here sometimes too.

Instagram – I plan to use stories to show new tracks in progress/studio stuff, and general life activities.

As far as Instagram posts, I will keep advertising to a minimum. I want to post awesome pics that relate to the brand, because I also like photography.

If my Instagram feed is sparse when you look, just know I am waiting to upload something beautiful!

I have a Facebook page, but I don’t really post much except news there.

YouTube will be where I upload……wait for it…..VIDEOS!!! Who guessed right?

I want to do video video video for 2018 but I’m new to it all so just take a look at what’s going on and I’m sure it will evolve over the year.

Being that I’m only one person and I want to be as organic as possible, I’m not trying to stretch too thin. Hopefully this is enough for most people to find me on a platform they like.

As I mentioned, I will going back to college soon, but I plan to keep the content flowing.

Hopefully I can develop a system that will make keeping everything up to date easier and I can focus on creating stuff.

Ok ok just play the trap music already….

I’ve rambled enough for now, here’s “Hot Beats Vol. 1” — ENJOY! Don’t forget to download, like, re-post, share…all that stuff.

If you really love it sign up to the email list! My first subscribers will get a limited edition physical copy of the CD for free.. just email me and mention this post and what email you signed up with.

Without further ado…

Buy and Stream and stuff…

If you came to this page looking for trap music, tweet me @BakedPhresh..

Tell me more about your favorite trap music in the comments.





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