Hot Beats Vol. 1 – Limited Edition Physical Copy

CD’s are outdated and old-school…

But I always dreamed about physical copies of an album I released. I came across a CD printer, so I decided to make my own CD’s complete with insert and case art!

I’m going to give some to my friends and family, and the rest I’ll offer for sale for a limited time.

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If you enjoyed the album, consider purchasing a physical copy to help me create more new music!

Each one is hand printed, and on the inside they are numbered 1-20/20.

I’m keeping #1 and giving a few out, so sales will start at #6.

If I make more CD’s I won’t number them like this, so these are limited edition.

Each insert is also hand signed by me 🙂

Check out the pics to see what you will receive:

Hot Beats Vol. 1 Baked Phresh
Back of the Case
Baked Phresh Hot Beats Vol. 1
Opening face of the case
Hot Beats Vol. 1
Back Side of the case
Baked Phresh
Insert and CD (Insert showing #/20) CD is not a sticker, graphic printed directly on CD
Baked Phresh
Inside insert art

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Hot Beats Vol. 1

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